Where you can enjoy a nice stay in the middle of nature, without the noise of cars, airplanes nor factories ...

Enjoy a nice breakfast, a drink, a chat, a book, the sun, a dip in the pool, a hammock, on the terrace ...

Have beautiful walks on country roads through valleys and hills with lovely vegetation and endless views ...

Or spend your days with kayaking, swimming, hiking, fishing or mountain biking, ...

Excursions to beaches or rivers with neighboring castles, museums, monasteries ...


In central Portugal, where wild boar and birds of prey are still common ...

A stay in Bed-and-Breakfast Quinta do Eco means peace, comfort and relaxation.

Vila de Rei seems to a peninsula, as it is surrounded by three rivers. In the north the Isna, in the south the Codes and in the west the River Zêzere, with on of the biggest dams in Europe. These rivers have different beaches, swimming areas, picknik locations with BBQ's and sports facilities. There are a lot of things to do: mountain biking, climbing, swimming, fishing, hiking (with or without marked trails) as well as kayaking. One can also look for fossils, go on pilgrimage to Fatima, visit the castle of the Templars in Tomar, have a drink in a cafe or visit the market, but especially enjoy the tranquility, the view and your holiday!





•Ribeira do Algar

•6110-051 São João do Peso

•Vila de Rei




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•Mobile Lieve +351 96 848 35 61

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